Do I have to pay agency fees?

    No, we do not collect agency fees because we are not a real-estate agency, but a tech company. You only pay us a one-time fee of MUR 3000 for each booking which helps us run our platform and provide services like 24/7 support during your stay.

Do I have to pay security deposit?

    Typically, you’ll have to pay a security deposit. Although this depends on the landlord and the type of apartment. Pay attention to the booking section of the accommodation and you’ll know if a security deposit is required.

How much is the security deposit?

    The security deposit is equivalent to the amount of 1 month’s rent.

Can I use my security deposit to pay the rent for my final month?

    No, you will still be expected to pay your rent for the final month final month. Your security deposit will be returned to you on or before the final day of your stay at your residence once your landlord has confirmed that you haven’t caused any damage, nothing is misplaced, and you have no outstanding bills.

What is the minimum contract duration?

    The minimum contract duration is for 6 months. Leaving the accommodation before then will be regarded as breach of terms and may result in penalties such as loss of security deposit.

What if I want to leave before the end of my tenancy agreement?

    You will be required to communicate with your landlord beforehand with convincing reasons. If your reasons are acceptable, you security deposit may be partly or fully refunded to you. However, if you abruptly terminate your agreement by forcefully leaving the accommodation or not communicating beforehand, your security deposit may not be returned to you.

What is the mode of payment?

    You will be required to pay your first month’s rent, security deposit and service fees in the bank account that will be provided to you once you book an apartment. After the first month, payment will be done directly to the landlord either through cash, bank transfer, or bank deposits.


Managing your account

    Creating a new account (How do I sign up?): To create an account as a student, click on ‘Sign Up’ in the homepage. If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can use either of them to sign up, otherwise, you will have to use your email address to sign up. Once you have provided all the information on the sign-up form, an account verification link will be sent to your email address. After you’ve clicked on this link, your account will be verified and you will be able to book, save, pay for an apartment and much more.

    Returning to your account (How do I log in?): You may want to return to your student account for several reasons, to do this, click on ‘Login’ on the homepage. Once you’ve logged in, you can proceed to generally browse the website and use features such as saving an apartment and much more, or you can click on ‘Account’ to go to your dashboard.

Searching for accommodation

    You can search for accommodation from the search area on the homepage by specifying at least one or all of the following search criteria - location, price or type of accommodation.

Booking accommodation

    After finding a place that you like, you can book it by simply clicking on the bold ‘Book’ button in green. If you aren’t already logged into your account, this will prompt you to log in or create an account to proceed with the booking process. To book a place, you should pay attention to the following:

    Type of apartment: An accommodation can either be Entire Apartment, Shared Apartment, or Private Room.

    • Entire - An entire place is rented as a whole. This usually includes a living room, bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen. When you rent as a whole you would be responsible for covering the full cost of the accommodation.
    • Shared - In a shared apartment, each room is rented individually but common areas such as living room, kitchen and baths are shared with fellow housemates. Following this section, you will also see the number of rooms which are currently available in the accommodation. If a room is available, you can proceed to book it, otherwise, you would have to search for another accommodation.
    • Private - A private room has its own facilities such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc, and it is not shared with any other person(s).

    Location: The location only informs you of the area where the accommodation is located. It does not give you the full address. This is only given to you by email once you have booked and made payment for the accommodation.

    Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: Below the type of accommodation, you will see the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the accommodation.

    Check in date: This is the date you will be moving into the accommodation. It will enable your landlord to make proper preparations for your arrival.

    Price per month: This is the amount you will be expected to pay your landlord for the accommodation. For a shared place, you will see a sub-section for the price per room, which will be paid every month.

    Service fee: This is a one-time payment that you’ll make to Roomscout. It helps us run our platform and provide services like 24/7 support during your stay.

    Minimum stay: The minimum duration you’ll be expected to stay in an accommodation is for 6 months. Leaving the accommodation before then will be regarded as breach of terms and may result in penalties such as loss of security deposit.

    Security deposit: This is a fully-refundable amount collected by the landlord to make sure you respect the contract. You will be expected to pay this money to your landlord by cash on arrival. It is equivalent to 1 month’s rent and is returned to you in full once your contract expires and you haven’t caused any loss or damage to the accommodation amenities or facilities.

    Reservation period: Once you’ve made a booking, you will have 24 hours to confirm it by making payment either through bank transfer or deposit. Other convenient payment methods will be made available as soon as possible.

Paying for an accommodation (How do I pay?):

    Payment for an accommodation can occur in either one of the following ways: bank deposit (paying locally in Mauritius) or bank transfer (international payments into Mauritius). You will receive the banking information for either local or international payments on the unpaid invoice which will be sent to your email address after you’ve booked place on the website.

Understanding various sections

    Accommodation description: This area provides a detailed description of the accommodation. It may also include other services or perks that the landlord may be willing to provide to make you feel more comfortable.

    Amenities: This section lists all the basic amenities that will be available to you in the accommodation. Almost all accommodations are equipped with these type of amenities.

    Additional amenities: These are amenities that may differentiate the quality of an accommodation. It may not be available in all accommodations.

    Utilities: This section states all the utilities that is included in your rent. If you want a specific utility that isn’t listed in this section, you will have to pay for that separately, in addition to your rent.

    Availability dates: This will let you know whether an accommodation is available for rental. You may have to take note of this date to know when an accommodation will be available and quickly book it before others.

    House rules policies: To ensure your conduct in the accommodation is orderly, you will be expected to strictly adhere to the house rules defined by your landlord. Failing to do so will be considered a breach of the terms and may lead to you being penalised.

    Refund and cancellation policies: In certain situations, you may have the right to a full or part refund for the first payment you made - the service fee and first month rent. Please refer to the section on refund and cancellation policies in the general terms and conditions to learn more about this.